Holiday Hints
Here are some practical hints and tips which may help to make your vacation in Florida a little bit more enjoyable.

Getting About
Go up the 535 for everything - once there, it's left for Disney, right for International Drive, Universal, Wet n Wild and Sea World. There are 2 ways to get from Lake Berkley to the 535. On leaving the resort make left onto Oren Brown Road, travel to the end and make a right onto North Poincianna Blvd and follow the road until you reach the 535. after crossing over hwy 192. Alternatively, albeit a slightly longer route in miles, but less congested with traffic, make a right turn onto Oren Brown Road, go past Walmart and make a left onto hwy 192 travel until you reach the 535 and make a right
Theme Parks
If you want multiple day theme park tickets we recommend you purchase them for Walmart which you pass on the way into Lake Berkley.
We do not recommend Hopper passes as trying to fit everything one theme park has to offer in a day is difficult, to try to do two is impossible.
Try to make sure your at the theme parks by 9.30 to make full use of your day. We also recommend popping back to the villa for a swim or a relax mid afternoon then going back to the park around 7pm - it is generally much quieter and your parking pass is still valid.
Have a good breakfast before setting off as it can be a long day. Disney allow you to take in a picnic but Sea World will only allow a drink and a small snack.
Get a map and a show times on the way in and plan your day.
For Disney check which rides have fast pass and get your first fast pass. 15 mins before you use that fast pass you are allowed to get another fast pass for a different ride.
For Disney take the train at Mainland station to the back of the park and work your way towards the front to avoid the crowds.
If you want to make a dinner reservation - book this on the way in to avoid lengthy queues or disappointment.
Avoid the crowds at the fast food concessions by not eating at the usual times
Don't buy things in the shops as you go round as they'll get heavier as the day goes on. You can buy all the same goods at the shops on the way out at the end of the night or even in Walmart where they will be much cheaper.
Read the descriptions of the rides properly - you may not enjoy it after waiting - Journey to Mars at Disney is one we wish we had took their warnings and gone on to the not so intense one.
Theatre shows can be fantastic and a good way to avoid the sun for a while but you need to get there early and they can be lengthy and eat into your day
The rides are generally quieter while shows and parades are on. If you want to have a good position for a parade you need to get in position about an hour before it starts.
Do not attempt to do multiple theme parks in a row, have rest days or visit the water parks in between otherwise you will need a holiday when you get home as it can be very tiring.

The Millenium Mall for shopping - go up the 535 then the I4. The Florida Mall is on Orange Blossom Trail
For premium outlets go up the 535 and make a right on Vineland Road

Recommended Restaurants
- Perkins (on the corner of Poinciana and 192) - Advertises a special breakfast on the board outside but its not on the menu you have to ask for it.
Lunch: I Hop, Perkins, Panda Express, Steak and Shake, Friendly's, Wendys, Macdonalds, KFC, etc